Fans Want More!
At the request of millions of fans on YouTube and thousands of comments on Amazon, Kids in Motion is coming back with all new songs, all new moves and all new videos! Thanks to all the fans, the original team is coming back together to create an all New Kids in Motion as a streaming network available on-demand.
Award-Winning Kids in Motion 
  •  Winner of Parents’ Choice Award  
  • ​Winner of Good Housekeeping Award
  • ​Winner of Peggy Charren’s Action for Children’s Television Award
About New Kids In Motion 
New Kids in Motion” is a music-driven OTT network that motivates preschoolers and children up to 8 years old to get up and move to fun “action-oriented” music videos and activities. 

In the 80’s and 90’s, award-winning Kids in Motion was a home video series, a CD, a songbook, a stage show and ran on Nickelodeon for several years. 

Now the brand is back as the “New Kids in Motion” at the request of thousands of Youtube and Amazon comments and millions of Youtube views of old shows by fans who are now parents. 

“New Kids in Motion”, the reboot, is being redeveloped by its original award-winning creators, Julie W. Markovitz and George Paige and by digital content producers, Steve Smythe and Amber Cordero as an OTT network of children’s programming with new characters, new songs, new videos and of course, new dance moves accessible on any digital platform. 
Creators & Producers
Julie W. Markovitz
Original Creator of Kids In Motion
Children’s Programming Producer, Children’s Movement Education Specialist and Certified Yoga/Meditation Instructor. Julie created, co-wrote/produced and performed in the original award-winning “Kids in Motion” show.

George Paige
Original Creator of Kids In Motion
Former High School and College teacher, now an award-winning Children’s programming Executive Producer including seven seasons of Disney’s New Mickey Mouse Club. George co-produced the original award-winning “Kids in Motion” show.

Steve Smythe
Over 20 years in digital marketing specializing in technology strategy, platforms, acquisition, retention as well as consumer conversion methodologies. Specializing in IA, UX, funnel marketing, websites, mobile apps and complex program/project development.

Amber Cordero
20+years in digital marketing, brand management, acquisition and retention strategy for music entertainment brands. Specializing in producing original content and campaigns. FUSE TV, MTV, Sting, Alanis Morissette, The Africa Channel, Norman Lear, A&E Networks.

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